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Transmission courtesy of  Wifinet and EENet
We use a GoPro Adventure camera, see


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To begin with, our apologies that the transmission is shaky. Many people have racked their brains during the week and sometimes the thing already seemed “beyond hope”. The trout spawning period started on Saturday afternoon; we will go on dealing with the technical problems next week.
The salmonides have started on the most important activities of the year and we will try to share their doings with all enthusiasts.
We use a GoPro action camera lent to us by the  GPS Estonian company, see (the new model has a superior image quality compared to the one used last year). This year we will hear all that is happening in the spawning river in the microphone.
The computer encoding the video stream was set up by  Urmas Lett from Eenet, the technology was tested and brought together by  ITrotid and the GoPro camera was tested and tuned by  Tiit Lepik, and the ”ends” of the data distribution were tied up by   Ivo Kivinurk and Wifinet (
For the lighting wildlife film director  Rein Maran, Gaviafilm ( supported our own experiences and knowledge.
We have had great help from the  RMK Põlula Fish Rearing Centre specialists  KunnarEneIvar ja Heino.
All events are documented by the  LK foorum.
Looduskalender keeps an eye on what goes on, and will introduce the life of trout and what and whom we may see in camera view by and by.
Image from webcam captured by IceAge LK forum




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