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First egg in eagle nest

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Tue, 08.03.2016 - 11:27

Webcam image captured by  Liz, LK forum
Translation Liis

Hommikuudust paistis välja üllatus

A surprise revealed in the morning mist​


White-tailed eagle     Merikotkas    Haliaeëtus albicilla


Women’s Day egg!

Never say that spring is not coming! A more splendid surprise cannot be imagined.

From now on the male of the eagle family too will be more visible. Uku has already been entrusted with keeping the egg warm.

Tawny owl webcam starts

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Tue, 08.03.2016 - 10:16

Introduction by  Renno Nellis
Transmission courtesy of  Televõrk and EENet
Translation Liis

In earlier years the webcam tawny owls have started their breeding – laid the first egg – on March 1st (2009) at the earliest and on April 6th (2010) at the latest. Last year, 2015, they laid the first egg on March 4th. We hope that our tawny owls will breed this year too!

Collecting great tit calls with mobile app!

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Mon, 07.03.2016 - 22:33
Info from Margus Ots, Bird of the Year team
Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis

Rival great tits.


You are invited to collect great tit calls with the “Minu loodusheli – My nature sound” app for smart mobiles!

Great tits have tens of different songs and calls. The app  “Minu loodusheli – My nature sound” makes it possible for everyone with an interest in nature to record the sounds of the great tit and other calls in nature and make them into sound observations in a database.

For all “Minu loodusheli” users a personal data file is created that can be heard, analysed and also shared with others for listening through  the web page or a smart mobile. The  collection of bird sounds will provide an overview of the diversity of great tit calls and may also lead to new finds in the repertoire of  great tits.