Mating period of lynxes tests the young

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How hot things may become during the heat period we can see in the photo where a wholly wild lynx walks on the Elistvere animal park paths. An interesting female lynx lives there.
To hear the mating song of the lynx however it is worthwhile get to  the Elistvere animal park on a March night or watch and listen to the Elistvere lynx camera in Looduskalender – one might be lucky

Photo: Elle Mäerand
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White-tailed eagle nest camera 2018

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Text: Urmas SellisEOÜ
Images: Triin Leetmaa

Transmission courtesy of  EENet
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The white-tailed eagle camera is installed at a nest in West Estonia. In the same area the web camera was placed in 2009-2013, at the so called Linda and Sulev’s nest. The first of the nests at that time was situated across the bog which is visible behind the tree crowns from the present nest. The first plan to install the camera at the new nest of white-tailed eagle Anna and Uku, popular in 2016, did not succeed since the new nest too had fallen down in winter.

VIDEO: Eagles in winter

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Explanations, photos and video record  Ahto Täpsi
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Estonian text posted 27.02.2018



Golden eagle     Kaljukotkas or maakotkas       Aquila chrysaetos


I went to the observation hut to check on the golden eagle and caught the video about how the eagle landed on the ground.

It took about half an hour for it  to get down from the tree. It observed the area cautiously from the birch as well as the alder. Only when the air seemed to be ”clean” the majestic bird dared to act more bravely...

Estonian premieres of film "Free like a crane" in Tartu

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The story of crane  Ahja 5, authors  Maxence Lamoureux & Arnaud Devroute
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Showings of the film in Tartu:

February 25th at 17:00,  in the LUS house  (Struve 2)

March 1st at 12:00,  in the assembly hall of the EMÜ main building (Kreutzwaldi 1a)

March 2nd at  15:30,  in the Tartu Elektriteater (Jakobi 1)


The film „Free like a crane“ (D'autres terres plus douces) is a film by two French wildlife documentalists, Maxence Lamoureu and  Arnaud Devroute, about cranes and their migration.