Estonian Tawny Owl Webcam 2013

Tawny Owls and all the others
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Re: Estonian Tawny Owl Webcam 2013

Post by Manu »

Wow, Paul and Arthur really gone today. Thanks a lot for all your pictures, video's and reports :thumbs: .
Good luck to both of them and hopefully a good life in the big world.
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Post by Mila »

And my very last one...


after sitting in the entrance Paul went back into the nest-bowl,
walked around there a little, trying to find a place to hold on on that slippy ground,
looked quite lonely.
leaning against each other kept both of them in balance, Paul and Arthur, none of them wanted to lay down in that mod!

So Paul left as well this evening, good luck little Owl, have a nice life... Image

And, thank you Renno and all the unvisible helping hands in the background, :bow:
that we could take part in the life of Klaara and the little ones from their first moments on...! :innocent: :hi:
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Post by Mamicja »

The short story of owlets 2013
02. Klaus
03. Five eggs on March 29th
04. Three ovlets hatched on April 22nd
05. Fourth owlet hatched on April 24th
06. Fifth owlet hatched on April 26th
07. Only four owlets left on April 27th
08. Only three owlets left on April 29th
09. Only two owlets left on May 6th
10. The last time seen together on May 26th
11. Paul just before the jump on May 27th
12. The gloomy empty nest
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Post by virtustilus »

And we all waiting for new photos :chick:
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Post by NancyM »

Mamicja wrote:The short story of owlets 2013
What a wonderful montage! Thank you, Mamicja :bow:

virtustilus wrote:And we all waiting for new photos :chick:
Welcome to the forum, virtustilus :wave:
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Post by mei2k »

This season i wasn't able to follow the cams as before, so i want to thank all the forumers, who led me through the owl story this year, thank you for interesting information and cool snapshots and all the videos. You did a great job! :wave:
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Post by Mogli »

Thank you Mamicja for this nice short picture story. It is unbelieveable how fast the little owls were grown up... :chick:
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Post by alice44 »

I too want to thank everyone who participated in bringing us the story of these wonderful birds -- from the people who kept me up to date when I could not watch, to the people who built the owl house and installed the cams, fixed them when they weren't working and make the whole thing function.

It is wonderful.

And a bit of a special thanks to Renno for answering questions and getting us a real photo of Paul (?) peeking out of his house.

Thanks to you ALL

I will keep the cam on for listening for a bit (or until it is unplugged). The bird songs are lovely, and I might just hear Klaara or our little squeaker.
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Post by Fleur »

It was a great season.

I enjoyed it very much, learned a lot
Sorry about the other owls, but these two are well grown and are gone out into the world.

Thanks everyone for all the messages, pictures and movies and especially Looduskalender that made it possible that we could watching this beautiful webcam
Renno thanks for your updates and beautiful pictures (I hope also that it will succeed today)

My last movie here ( I think :laugh: )
( because of the editing, the quality from the movie is a big loss )

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Post by Yoko »

Thanks very much. :chick: :chick:= so sweet birds Arthur and Paul. Gook luck for them.
Congratulations for parents Klara and Klauss. LOODUSKALENDER :thumbs:
Good day !
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Post by IceAge »

Thank you. It was a wonderful time and i think, we will see us again next year :wave: .
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Post by sarai »

This has been such an adventure to follow these small grey fuzz-balls grow into youngsters who leave home.
I am so happy to have been able to watch all this.

Thank you Renno and other staff who made it possible.
And thank you, all you writers and photographers in the tread. You are great people!

Have a nice life, Artur and Paul! :loveshower:
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Post by mteora »

Amazing!! Thank you so much! :chick: :loveshower: :bow:

This season I joined later. So, see you the next season!
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Post by Elizabeta »

thank you to everyone on the forum especially those who took the time and had the knowledge to post clips and photos, and to the team who made it all possible.

I hope the owlets go from strength to strength, will we ever find out what sex they both are or did we already and I've missed it?

:loveshower: :bounce: :bounce:

but in a way I am sad to say goodbye :wave: :cry:
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Post by Gavril »

Thank you all for the nice photo and video. :thumbs: :loveshower: It is a pity that all was over quickly. :cry: Good luck kids Paul and Arthur and, of course Klara and Klaus! :wave:
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Post by airras »

good afternoon to all, :hi:
good .. all over, just wish luck to the couple, and wait for the next year. :thumbs:
my last photo of the child.
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Post by Lin »

I´d like to say thank you for all nice pictures and videos you have posted!

And thank you to everyone who works for this owl project (online and outdoors)!

I really enjoyed watching these little owls! :)
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Post by Jo UK »

Renno has been to look for our owls and owlets today. He has sent two pictures. Renno said that he saw Klaara and Klaus, but not the two young ones - though they are certainly there. The difficulty in seeing them is that they are small, and broad-leaved trees hide them well.

Renno will look for them again, soon.


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Post by Manu »

Mamicja and Fleur: Thank you for this nice collage and this lovely video with the review what's going on the last few weeks :loveshower: .
Thanks a lot to all the people who were/ are involved to this project. Specially to Renno to have a look on place :thumbs:
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Post by Fleur »

Jo UK wrote:

Is there anyone who is having an easy time with photobucket, this evening?

I do have sometimes a slow connection to the site, but not really problems with photobucket Jo.

Wow, what a nice picture.
thank you Renno

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