Black Stork Nest 2, Jan and Janika, 2021

Cameras Watching over Black Storks nest
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Re: Black Stork Nest 2, Jan and Janika, 2021

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Solo :wave: , thank you, so it's a goshawk. It seemed to me too small to be a goshawk :innocent:
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Hellem wrote: September 10th, 2021, 10:37 pmSolo :wave: , thank you, so it's a goshawk. It seemed to me too small to be a goshawk :innocent:
video by Terka Busz

Hellem :wave:
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Stream turned off :bash:
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"They" are going to take off black storks cameras maybe next week.
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I would like to thank Solo again in all clarity. :wave:
During the entire breeding and nesting season, she spent almost every free minute meticulously documenting everything. But she was not always treated well. I very much regret that and find it shameful. Thank you
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"Great people do not always think alike but that is where the fun is".
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good bey everyone. thanks that i could read it al!
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08. 04. 2021 streaming started ... 38#p788938


10.04. 2021 at 19.44 MALE (Jan) first seen on the stream ... 38#p788938
(video by Liznm)

02.05.2021 at 14.11 FEMALE (Janika) arrived ... 51#p796351
(video by Liznm)


11.05.2021 female laid her FIRST egg (first view 23.18) ... 89#p799389
(video by PeggyBeatrice)

14.05.2021 female laid her SECOND egg (first view at 00.06) ... 92#p800092
(video by PeggyBeatrice)
    15.05.2021 female laid her THIRD egg (first view at 23.12) ... 20#p800720
    (video by Liznm)
      18.05.2021 female laid her FOURTH egg (first view at 03:59:32) ... 69#p801369
      (video Liznm)


      14.06.2021 the FIRST chick hatched (visible at 4.27) ... 94#p808194
      (video by rysx123)

      14.06.2021 the SECOND chick hatched (visible at 7.32) ... 96#p808196
      (video by Liznm)

      15.06.2021 the THIRD chick hatched (visible at 12.29) ... 24#p808524
      (video by Liznm)

      17.06.2021 the FOURTH chick hatched (visible at 17.35) ... 90#p808990
      (video Pimu)

      - 11.07.2021 the youngest chick Benjamin collapsed during preening ... 71#p814371
      (video by Liznm)
      - 12.07.2021 the fourth chick perished (unknown reason) ... 67#p814867
      (video by ame)


      16.07.2021 chicks got ring (7181,7182,7183) and the body was removed for examination (Urmas and Dr. Madis) ... 40#p815640
      (full video by Koktkaklubi, short version by Liznm


      13.08.2021 in the very late evening the storklets were taken out of the nest, given transmitters and underwent veterinary examination and measurement (and got huge amount of frozen fishes) ... 19#p824119
      (video by Simonnina )


      - 22.08.2021 at 17:35:35 No2 - 7182 (69 day old) fledged and hasn't returned any more ... 27#p826627
      (video by Simoninna)

      23.08.2021this chick named MALBE (sedate) was killed by predator a bit more as 100m of nest (Urmas: about 10:45 in 23th may be really the fatal turning point for that chick ... video by Liz )

      - 23.08.2021 at 09:14:31 No1 - 7181 (70 day old) fledged ... 28#p826728
      (video by redenhofer/Birds 247 )

      this chick named JULGE (brave) returned to the nest:
      on Aug 24 at 18.09 Julge arrived to the nest and on Aug 26 flew out at 11:13:25 (Jan feeds this chick on Aug 25 at 12.38)
      on Aug 27 at 12:44:36 Julge arrived to the nest and on Aug 28 at 09:41:07 Julge definitely flew away and start its migration ... 42#p827542
      (video by redenhofer/Bird247)
      (last place on Aug 27 was on Estonian island Saaremaa)

      - 24.08.2021 at 13:57:28 No3 - 7183 (70 day old) fledged in a very clumsy way (did it fall out of the nest?) and hasn't returned any more ... 44#p827044
      (video by Liz and longer by Moira )

      26.08.2021 this chick named TASANE (peaceful) was killed in the evening by a raccoon dog about 30 metres from the nest

      Janika has not been in the nest for several days: from July 13, feeding at 9.25 to July 18, feeding at 22.19 and feeds her chicks

      06.08.2021 female JANIKA was last seen on the nest (feeding at 16.14 - ... 51#p822051)
      25.08.2021 male JAN was last seen on the nest (feeding at 12.38 - video by redenhofer/Bird247)
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      Post by Solo »

      big thank to
      - Kotkaklubi: for streaming - it was big pleasure following the live on this nest with all happy and sad moments
      - moderators on youtube chat: Liz (also from more chatters for sharing knowledge) and Andra and especially to ame for her help and support in difficult days

      big thank to you all
      - who followed this nest and participated on reporting and documenting this season (Summi, Liz, redenhofer, madli, Hellem, ... )
      - who wrote friendly posts (comments, toughs, new informations, ...)
      - chatters on youtube for reporting (Madli, Anu Kõlar​, Cvetlana, ...) and especially to Madli and Anu Kõlar for the translation of Urmas' words during the ringing and setting up the transmitters
      - who documented the nest life in videos: Liz, redenhofer/Birds247, bokkers/horsecontrolfilms, Simonina, Sniezdins/Amanda and videos by no LK members (Pimu, rysx123, PeggyBeatrice, ... )

      the biggest thank to
      - Urmas: for all what you do for black storks in Estonia - great admiration and respect
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      thank you SO much! Fantastic summary of Jan's family! Great pictures!
      Many thanks to all the other experts as well!
      See you! :wave:
      (anu k - astelpaju)
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      Solo wrote: September 21st, 2021, 4:18 pm Thank You SOLO :wave:
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