Spring and Summer 2012 in Finland

A photographic record of seasonal changes in your area.
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Re: Spring and Summer 2012 in Finland

Post by Olga »

:wave: Dear squirrel friends, a new season has begun:

Winter in Finland 2012/13


Thank you for interest and your posts and photos, participating in the life of squirrels and some birds on Squirrel Hill, and my two dogs! Life is going on here even though winter will soon cover the hill with more or less snow and the days will be colder week by week.

Almost full moon ricing behind the hill, at 17:20:

SHoW(StorkaHolics of the World)
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Post by Manu »

@Olga: Thank you for all your beautiful video's, pictures and reports of squirrels, birds and Nanu and Nappu during Spring and Summer. And all the nice views of the place where you are living. It was a pleasure to see what's happened on squirrel hill.
Bye, bye... see you soon again...
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