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20.Avian Review

This website is for birders and for those who have an interest in finding, reading, or collecting bird books. This website serves two key purposes, which are to...

One: Arrange and show the wide variety of bird books that exist in the different categories of countries, regions, family groups, or species.
Two: Describe or show what's in these books to help your decision making process on whether or not to find and buy the book.
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21.iSpot - A site to help you identify anything in nature

iSpot is a website aimed at helping anyone identify anything in nature.
Once you've registered, you can add an observation to the website and suggest an identification yourself or see if anyone else can identify it for you.
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22.Keywords wanted?

Copy one of the WTE names below and paste it into e.g.:
Google or pdfmeta for some first & fast results.

Latin Haliaeetus albicilla
English White-tailed Eagle
Estonian Merikotkas
Lettish Jūras ērglis
Lithuanian Jūrinis erelis
Finnish Merikotka
North-Sami Mearragoaskin
Norwegian Havørn
Swedish Havsörn
Danish Havørn
Faroese Havørn, Ørn
Greenlandic Nattoralik
Icelandic Haförn
Irish Iolar Mhara
Welsh Eryr cynffonwyn
Scoths Erne
German Seeadler
Polish Bielik, Orzeł bielik, Bielik zwyczajny
Ukrainian Orlan-bilohvist
Czech Orel mořský
Slovak Orliak morský, Orol morský
Hungarian Rétisas
Bulgarian Morski orel
Slovenian belorepec, orel belorepec
Croatian Orao štekavac, Štekavac
Serbian Orao belorepan, orao bjelorepan
Albanian Shqiponja e detit
Romanian Codalb
Maltese Ajkla tad-Denb Abajd
Turkish Beyaz kuyruklu kartal, Ak kuyruklu kartal, Akkuyruklu kartal
Greek Θαλασσαετός
Armenian Spitakapoch Artsiv
Azerbaijani Ağquyruq dəniz qartalı
Russian Orlan-belokhvost Орлан-белохвост
Dutch Zeearend
Italian Aquila di mare, Aquila di mare codabianca
Romansh Evla da mar
Spanish Pigargo Europeo
Catalan Àguila marina
Basque Àguila marina, Itsas arrano buztanzuria
French Pygargue à queue blanche, Milan royal
Breton Ar morerer lost gwenn
Portuguese Águia-rabalva
Japanese Ojiro-washi, ojirowashi
Chinese bái-wěi hǎi-diāo

Esperanto Blankvosta maraglo

If you are interested in historical sources, use some of the older names as keywords

A big collection of such sources can be found e.g. in “” and “the SORA project”.

Use the older terms below and get good hits with Google-books:
Google - function: "books". After sending your keyword choose "full view" at the left side of the page. Now your can read whole books online. In many cases there´s also the option to make a pdf copy. When you "opened" the book, you will see the button "Download PDF" in the headline at the far right.

Older/other names:

White-tailed Sea Eagle, White-tailed Fish Eagle, Sea Eagle, Ern(e), Great Erne, Grey Eagle, Grey Sea Eagle, Greenland White-Tailed Eagle, Silver Eagle, Cinereous Eagle, Cinereous Sea Eagle, European Eagle, European Sea Eagle

In the Hebrides and Highlands the old bird was named an lolair ghlas (the Grey Eagle); the young an lolair riamhach (the Striped Eagle).

Welsh Eryr cynffon wen, Eryr gynffonwen, Eryr tinwen, Eryr tinwyn, Eryr y môr, Mor eryr

Cornish Er an mor

Manx Urley Erne, Urley marrey

Other names Gaelic: Iolair suil na greine or Iolaire sùil na grèine (eagle with the sunlit eye); Iolair mara (eagle of the sea) or Iolaire mhara (sea eagle), Iolaire chladaich (shore eagle), Iolaire bhàn (pale eagle), Iolaire fhionn (white eagle), Iolaire bhreac (speckled eagle), Iolar Bhuidhe, Iolar Riamhach.

Pigargo común, Pigargo Coliblanco, Pigargo Coliblanco De Groenlandia
Catalán Aguila demar
Vasco ltsas arranoa

jié-bái diāo (pure/clean white eagle), zhīmá diāo (sesame eagle)
Chinese Taiwan bái-wěi jiù (white-tailed eagle/vulture - former official name)

Weißbürzel, Geieradler Albicilla, Wittschwanz, Meeradler, Gänseadler, Gänseadler Ossifragus, Goosaar, Gelbschnabel, Weißschwanz, weißschwänziger Adler, aschgrauer Adler, fahler Adler and braunfahler Adler, grosser Fischadler, Fischgeier, Fischjäger, Pygarg, grosser Hosenadler, Hosenaar, Beinbrecher or Steinbrecher, Beinbrechadler, Gemsenadler, schwarzer Adler and grosser schwarzer Adler, schwarzbrauner Adler or bärtiger Adler, also Steinadler

Haliaeetus nisus Savigny,1826; Haliaëtus brooksi Hume, 1870; Haliaëtus hypoleucus Ridgway, 1884; Haliaetos orientalis Brehm, 1831; Haliaetos islandicus Brehm, 1831; Haliaetos leucocephalus Brehm, 1831; Haliaetos groenlandicus Brehm, 1831; Haliaetos cinereus Brehm, 1855; Haliaetos funereus Brehm, 1855; Vulture albicilla Linnaeus, 1758; Aquila albicilla Nilson, 1858; Aquila borealis Brehm, 1824; Aquila Islandica Brehm, 1824; Aquila Groenlandica Brehm, 1824; Falco albicilla Linnaeus, 1758; Falco melanaëtos Linnaeus, 1766; Falco Ossifragus Linnaeus, 1766; Falco albicaudus Gmelin, 1788; Falco hinnularius Latham, 1790; Falco pygargus Daudin, 1800
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23.More keywords. Combine “Haliaeetus albicilla” with one or two of the terms below

Try e.g. Google or pdfMeta To get more specific results, use the search engines, databases and archives in this topic.

Browsing the topic “Full Text Documents – English” will bring also good hits. If you are a member of Looduskalender Forum, you can use a search function (input window at the lower left of the side; it´s visible when you have logged in). If you are no member: join now. It only takes a few minutes and it´s free.

Keywords, sorted by themes

Breeding areas, main migration areas, wintering areas (Europe)
Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Greenland (to Denmark), Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Netherlands (Oostvaardersplassen), Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).
Source breeding areas, main migration areas, wintering areas: Action Plan for the conservation of White-tailed Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), Strasbourg 2002, prepared by Björn Helander and Torsten Stjernberg on behalf of BirdLife International Sweden; source Netherlands: Large-scale nature development – the Oostvaardersplassen, Frans W M Vera, 28 British Wildlife June 2009

mate, mating cycle, male, female, couple, relationship, courtship, courtship flight, courtship display, sky dancing, clasp talons, mid-air, spiral toward the ground, cartwheeling, whirling, talon-grappling, calls, copulation, monogamy

habitat, territory, nest biology, nesting site, inspecting nest sites, nest-site attendance, activity, activity pattern, nest building; tree, fork of a branch, clefts of rocks, cliffs, cliff ledges, bare ground; (use of) green plants, pine, spruce; bacteria, ectoparasites, mites; eagle´s nest, aerie/ayrie/eyrie/eyry

-area, -site, -biology, -behaviour, -attempt, -density, -habitat, -pair, -season, -success, -territory, -population, -status

forest economy, nesting site, protection zone, protection area, disturbances, forest roads, forestry-related disturbance, disturbance of nests from tourism, photographer, stress, parents, caring, feeding, courtship, reproduction, weather, egg, fertile egg, egg laying, clutch, clutches, incubation, courtship feeding, brood, offspring, brood size, hatching, hatchling, siblings, nestling, young chicken, chick, chicks, eaglet, brancher, percher, fledgling, fledging period, fledging success, maiden flight; juvenile-, immature-, subadult-, adult eagle; mature birds; non-breeding season

to mantle, mantling (= to cover and hide food with wings). To beg, to make begging sounds (the German term is “lahnen” = originally a German falconry term for the sound the bird makes when it returns to the falconer, begging loud for food. Meanwhile also used to describe the sound made by free living female raptors (see: courtship feeding) or young birds begging for food). To feak (= when the bird cleans his beak). To pirate food. To gorge, eat, plume, preen, nest

Kainism (= killing of the younger sibling by the older one; very infrequent in WTE nests), fratricide. Kleptoparasitism (= e.g. stealing prey from another animal). Intra-specific conflicts, territorial fights, aggression, social hierarchy, dominance hierarchy/hierarchies, sibling aggression

bird of prey, raptor, predator, alpha predator, opportunistic predator, hunter, food pirate, scavenger, piscivore

feeding ecology, foraging ecology, ecological role, feeding behaviour, food recources, prey, fish, mammals, birds, waterfowl

carrion ecology, carrion, carcasse, railway kills, roadkill, biomass, carcass exploitation, carrion-eating, carrion-feeding, winter feeding place, predator community, scavenger species, biodiversity, corvidae, raven, crow, magpie, rook, hooded crow, interaction, interspecific conflicts

pellets, bird droppings

(Find a collection of WTE diet studies in the topic “Full Text Documents – English”, keywort “diet”; also in the topic "WTE References - print or online, no free access")

skeleton ... eleton.jpg, reverse sexual dimorphism, wingspan, pattern, quills, rachis, retrices, remiges, down feather, feathers, flight feathers, downy plumage, immature plumage, adult plumage, molt/moult, molting/moulting, moult status, body moult, Staffelmauser, stepwise molt/moult

Bird Anatomy List: ... atomy-list

Health/diseases/causes of mortality
eggshell thinning, Generalized Feather Abnormality, Pinching Off Syndrome, unable to fly, Avian poxvirus infection, Newcastle disease virus, Chlamydia psittaci, poisonings, bird epidemic, parasites, lead intoxication, hunting ammunition, infectious diseases, trauma, electrocution, “killer pylons”, power lines, intra-specific conflict, malformation, nematodes, parasites, gunshot pellets, lead shot pellets, bullet fragments, collision, wind power plants, wind turbine, Smøla, train
One source/causes of mortality: Causes of Mortality in White-tailed Sea Eagles from Germany, Oliver Krone, Torsten Langgemach, Paul Sömmer and Norbert Kenntner. In: Sea Eagle 2000

Indicator species, potentially harmful chemicals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, lead poisoning, mercury, DDT, pesticides

Migration/wintering areas (worldwide)
partial migrant, migration, migratory-concentrations, immature eagles, fishponds, wintering, resident, nomadic, flight, monitoring, ringing, sightings, gps tracking, satellite tracking, telemetry

Danube Parks, Czechia, Austria, Morava (March) and Dyje (Thaya) region, Israel, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Middle Dnieper, Kremenchuhske-Reservoir, Russia, Siberia, Japan, Hokkaido, Okhotsk region, Korea, China, Tibet, Lhasa river, India, Jia Bhareli river, Pakistan, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Arabia, Tigris-Euphrates, Turkey, Cyprus

Economic factors
tourism, eco-tourism, tourist attraction, local economy, monetary benefit, model of conservation and tourism coexistence, Bodø, “Eagle Town”, Isle of Mull, “Eeagle Island”, fisherman, sea eagle adventure, eagle safari, photo safari, wildlife safari, birdwatch safari, bird watching trip, master of the sky, king of the sky, flying (barn) door, figurehead

Conflicts of interest
extinct, extinction, re-establishing, re-introduction, Suffolk, Norfolk, East Anglia, Ireland, Hebrides, Scotland, petition PE1309, petition PE1315, Norway, Wester Ross, Gairloch, Isle of Rum, Isle of Mull, Isle of Skye, forest economy, commercial activities, game, game birds, hunters, gamekeepers, fish pond, fish farm, freshwater aquaculture, impact on fish production, impact on farming, impact on sheep farming; farmer, landowner, crofter, lambs, pigs, piglets, hens, big silhouette, fear factor, livestock, economic loss, compensation, crimes against birds, persecution, poaching, shooting, poisoning, trapping, egg collecting, illegal trade

nature protection, nature conservation, conservationists, education, “learning days”, “eagle days”, awareness raising, acceptance, coexistence, balance of wildlife and agriculture, media coverage, wetlands, Ramsar, HELCOM, nature reserve, protected area, bird reserve, sanctuary, conservation programm, Red List, wildlife rehabilitation, reintroduction, "flagship", "flagship-species"

breeding in captivity, breeding programme, falconry, falcon show, zoo

Heraldic animal

Totem animal

More general ornithological terms/keywords can be found in: "The Birdwatcher's Dictionary" by Peter Weaver.
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24.BookFinder is a one-stop ecommerce search engine that searches over 150 million books for sale—new, used, rare, out-of-print, and textbooks. We save you time and money by searching every major catalog online, and letting you know which booksellers are offering the best prices and selection. When you find a book you like, you can buy it directly from the original seller; we never charge a markup.

(Books written in English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch)

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