Estonian Osprey Nest (Marko & Miina) 2021

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Re: Estonian Osprey Nest (Marko & Miina) 2021

Post by yitmoth »

I wonder if an equipment upgrade might prevent the kind of outages that both osprey cams have experienced, or at least reduce their frequency and/or make them easier to fix. And if so, how about doing some crowdfunding to purchase whatever equipment is needed?

Bea, could you maybe check with Kotkaklubi's technical people about this?
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Post by Bea »

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Yes, I will do so - but this is 'winter-work', currently the cams are still on the nests and to check them properly they have to be taken down for hibernation :sleep:

Meanwhile I got a short hint that there had been YouTube issues with the cams, I am waiting hopefully to get some more details about it, information flow is sometimes a bit viscous :whistling: :wink:
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Post by asteria »

The cam is back. If somebody likes watching the empty nest and beautiful sunsets, you are welcome. :wave:
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