Vote for ospret names ~ 2017

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Re: Vote for ospret names ~ 2017

Post by Hélène »

Daria and Derek ... :D
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Post by susika »

Dana and Dennis
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Post by east »

Dina and Daimar :hi:
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Post by mail »

In Documentation thread someone suggested Dixie and Denzel and I kind of like it, so I vote for:

DX - Dixie
DZ - Denzel
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Post by Sunshine »

Hello everyone!
DX - Deivi
DZ - Daimar
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Post by Bea »

DX female - Dana

DZ male - Dago
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Post by Cessie »

DX - Deivi

DZ - Derek

I like all the names too.
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Post by Anta »

I like
Dariko for DX and
Dago for DZ
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Post by kyfisher »

There have been such great names offered here :bow:

I like:
DX Daisi
DZ Derek

They are beautiful teenagers by any name :thumbs:
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Post by Kuutar »

DX - Deivi

DZ - Daimar

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Post by JayPee »


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Post by Sophie »

Daisi - like we call our Queen here in Denmark

Derek - such a strong male name!
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Post by Janne+Ais »

Never ever Donald! :shock: :rotf: Neither Trump nor Duck!

I vote for Dein and Dolly because of Gabriel Faure's enchanting "Dolly Suite", Op. 56
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Post by Jojo »

Daisi and Derek :loveshower:
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Post by Heidi45 »

DZ- Daimar
DX- Daria
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Post by Riitta »

DX - Diaana

DZ - Damir
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Post by Jenny »

Jenny wrote:I think for DX would be a nice name
Dara or Daria

and for DZ (he reminds me so of Ivar) I would choose a name that sounds muscular
Danel or Danver
my choice

DX Dara
DZ Danel
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Post by lofoten123 »

dx dana
dz denis
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Post by Abigyl »

It's nice names with D :thumbs:

DX - Daria

DZ - Dan
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Post by elisabetta-pamina »

I, too, like best the following even if they're not Estonian:

DX - Dixie
DZ - Denzel

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