Vote for Ospret names ~ 2018

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Re: Vote for Ospret names ~ 2018

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mogga wrote: July 15th, 2018, 11:48 pm Confusion, Confusion! :unsure:

Jukka so far was the most voted name for XJ (11 votes). I already began to like this name...
Good morning Mogga! :wave:

There is really confusion and also I am quilty to that. :blush:
I noticed that people are voting for Jukka, which is not at all an Estonian name, but I did not react. I just wondered, why they are doing so.

Hellem gave us a link to the Estonian Statistics Agency page, on which we can check, how many persons with each name live in Estonia.

These names on the candidate list either do not exist in Estonia at all, there are less than 5 persons carrying that name or the name is obsolete:


It is clear, that no one of us has wanted to confuse others deliberately. Anyhow, those of us not knowing Estonian language and names voted very probably in a way they did not want to vote. I mean that we surely do not want to break the tradition of giving Estonian nestlings Estonian names.

It is up to Bea to decide, what we do now. My suggestion is, that Bea organizes a new voting with only Estonian names for 2-3 days. :thumbs:
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Post by Cessie »

XJ - Juss

XH - Heli

XK - Kadi
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I am so late but I do like these names for the young ones: :nod:

XH Heli
XJ Jaak
XK Kaja

Thank you.
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Post by Bea »


Good morning osprey fans and voters :hi:

I see that some late voters and overseas voters still have dropped in (while I was sleeping .... :blush: ) and now counting this morning in old fashioned way, with pencil and paper, gave a clear result:

Most votes for female XH has the name Heli

Most votes for male XJ has the name Jaak

Most votes for female XK has the name Kaja

Thank you all for taking part! :wave:
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