Latvian LSE Webcam Discussion ~ 2009 and 2010

Lesser Spotted Eagles in Latvia
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Re: Latvian LSE Webcam Discussion

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:bow: Yes, thank you, Urmas, for the report on Guste's condition. It has been wonderful to observe her parents' tender care of her & how she developed & grew. I am so relieved that she survived the awful storm & is continuing her development.

I may have actually seen her leave the nest tree very early on 7 August. I had been watching at about 6:30 & after she ate a prey delivered by a parent at about 6:50, she preened herself, then suddenly flew to the left of the camera, & it looked as if she were aiming for somewhere farther than she had ever gone before, not for a familiar branch. And she had definitely been flying from branch to branch earlier that morning, not hop-flying as before. At one point she had been sitting as if right next to the camera lens across from the nest, then she flew back across to get near the nest as a parent was bringing food. But when I saw her fly away to the left after eating, I recall that I thought in wonderment to myself, "I think she just fledged." It just looked different than I had ever seen her do before. Then the nest lay empty & silent all day, whenever I checked back to see. Very early next morning, 8 August, when I checked at 5:44 (long before the derecho wind), I heard her from a distance away, but I never saw her again. I know Fleur heard her later that morning, too. And Jopie must have checked the camera just as the storm was developing, as she mentioned the wind getting stronger with the image she posted. And then . . . 5 minutes or so later, the cam signal was lost & has been lost ever since. :shock: So to hear that Guste is well is a wonderful thing. Thank you!
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jopie wrote:Urmas, thank you for the information; now we know at least what is going on. Good to hear Guste and family are allright. Thanks to everybody for being able to watch this beautiful bird and hopefully we have this chance again next year. Untill then...... :wave: and be well!!
Another au revoir.. :cry: bit by bit all the webcams and forums are winding down... for now :slap:
I suppose we now have to be patient until ? Eagle cam or later,still Pig/s cam/s.. :help: :sad:
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I am sad too. We have to say good-bye for a long time now. What to do in the meantime :help: I am going to learn more aboute my PC. Do a video in youtube for example.. When do the feedingground-camera start? December? :faint:
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I would also like to thank for this period for a surprising pleasure to follow Greite's childhood
and adulthood to a prosperous future. Thank you all for a wonderful time with you!

My last picture of her beauty and skills to be independent: :nod:


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