Estonian Osprey Nest (Ivo & Iiris) 2021

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Re: Estonian Osprey Nest (Ivo & Iiris) 2021

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I'm having withdrawals. Puzzled feeling, what to watch and follow now when all osprey nests seems to be empty? Well, I assume this happens to everyone. Here new season of Big Brother started but I found it really boring :D Sometimes I wish I could hibernate and come back at spring time. I really do hate winter and cold. I enjoyed this warm and hot summer as much as I could with my open wound in ankle (old scar (broke my ankle year 2000) that opens after about every 7-8 years). Opened June and still it's open, that sucks and spoiled most of my summer. That's why I had so much joy to follow osprey nests and of course I had time to watch :) Finally surgeons are starting to examine my ankle properly trying to find the cause why it opens by itself. All other scars on my body are ok, never opening after they are stitched shut. Sorry, I went OT.

I wish you all happy autumn, be safe, stay healthy. I wish all the good things to you all.

PS: Mogga Thank you for the video of our beautiful Irma.
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Oh, poor Sirage thing. Take care of yourself and your ankles. An open wound is very bad! :bow:
Do not get sick and a speedy recovery to you!
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