Black Stork Nest 2, Jan and Janika, 2022

Cameras Watching over Black Storks nest
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Re: Black Stork Nest 2, Jan and Janika, 2022

Post by Francesca_V »

Thank you so much for the video from the show Osoon. It's great to see the rescue of the chicks, Bonus' transmiter tagging and also the chicks growing up in the clinic from a different perspective. How Madis Leiwids' children work together is adorable. the entire video is really heartwarming.
And that Bonus kept calm and relaxed all the time was great!

thank you very much, also for the pictures.
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Post by Susanne »

Nov 13

And this is how the nest looks today - stream is active since roughly about 45 minutes.

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Post by Florinda »

Nov 17
Stream hangs
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Post by Liz01 »

:shake: I'm curious if this nest will be occupied this year. It would be very nice

it looks untouched since Janika & her little ones left it
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Post by asteria »

Janika-21 may visit this nest in April.
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