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If you go out in the forest looking for a badger, for instance to take part of the campaign for nature observations arranged by the Environmental Agency, then be sure to remember to write down your story. For the observation campaign the coordinates must be entered and a brief description, for us the story of finding the badger. Send it to us! It is not easy to meet a badger, and so stories about its activity traces are welcomed. Even stories where the badger was not found. Badger experts will comment doubtful points. We announce a badger story competition that will last until the end of the badger year. The best will receive prizes, among others a photo from the photo competition ”Mägral maja nagu vaja . Badger had a house as he should".  We look forward to stories heard from elders as well as own adventures


Badger story from our southern neighbours, written by Ineta from Riga

I spent my childhood in Vidzeme. I had two sisters. The three of us made up a real girls’ brigade. When we did not go to school yet we spent our days straying in the far-off fields and forests of Cesvaine. Our excursions in nature were as natural as the growth and flowering of a plant. One of the aims of our walks was always the Badger hillock. It was in the middle of the fields, in the highest point, shadowed by old ash trees. To us these trees felt very big. In the centre of the hillock there was a badger den, or so the adults assured. Year after year we went there on a pilgrimage, hoping to see the badger. On the road to there we were always excited and hopeful – at last we will see the mysterious being. We were a little afraid too about what to do if we see the badger. Until today I remember the smell around the badger den, Thinking back now I am however not sure whether it was a badger smell and whether instead possibly foxes lived in the den, The small hillock could instead be a den that had belonged to foxes.

Remek Meeli comments: In the case of the Badger Hillock it could actually really be a den that had belonged to foxes, because a badger den does not smell. The badger is a cleanly animal who constructs a special toilet for itself. Of course a badger could have lived in the same den but if there was one den opening then it probably belonged to a fox. The den of a badger can also be identified by whether there is a furrow in the opening. A badger constantly cleans its home and from this a furrow is created.

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