Aasta loom 2019 on kobras.

100 m long beaver dam at Esna – a year later

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The Esna beavers have felled birches in March 2019.
Photo: Ingmar Muusikus
Estonian text posted by the Animal of the Year Team
English translation Liis


Hundred meter long beaver dams occur rarely in Estonia. One such giant structure was built by the beaver group at the Esna springs. Evidently the dam, dividing the swampy spring area, was ready already in 2017. The hard-working creatures had unknown to themselves made an early symbolic gift for Estonia’s jubilee. By 2019 the landscape view had changed somewhat.


VIDEO: Beaver in snowy landscape

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If the winter of this year should still continue it is certainly worthwhile to use  the opportunity to visit a beaver lodge  noted in summer – how different its surroundings look in winter! In his video  wildlife filmmaker and theriologist Remek Meel who has studied beavers for years  briefly also presents  a giant beaver lodge that looks truly mysterious in the wintery landscape. The present video is the first of a 10-part serial on beaver subjects that will introduce the activities of Eurasia’s largest rodent during the year.

Beaver’s neighbour – American mink

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Moving along beaver paths you may also meet other semi-aquatic animals. Most frequently the American mink can be seen.
Posted by the Animal of the Year Team 23.02.2019


Compared to the beaver the mink is a quite small creature. A nature observer novice  may even wonder whether they see an otter or a mink. The mink is small, body length stops at 30-47 cm, the otter is half as much longer than the mink – body length 60-90 centimetres. As always with semi-aquatic animals minks and otters move out of  water too, splashing at the verge of the ice or along the bank of a water body. You will see their respective tails then and determine whom you have to do with from that. The tail of the mink is beautiful and fluffy! The otter has a rather stick-like tail.




Animal of the Year 2019 – “Daddy” Beaver

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Are you a faithful husband? - Yes!

Faithful to the very end? - Yes!

Do you like pottering about at home? - Yes! 

When you answered “Yes” to these questions to visitors at the exhibition ”Fathers and Sons ” at the Estonian  Museum of Natural History the answer was ”You are a beaver man!” A more home-focused male than the Beaver, the Animal of the Year 2019, cannot be found in nature!


Text in photo:
The Beaver Male

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