VIDEO: Calls from nest life

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 19.03.2016 - 08:21

Video recorded by  Fleur, LK forum
Translation Liis




Tawny owl        Kodukakk       Strix aluco


Klaara already knows that Klaus will bring something edible to the nest (we cannot hear those sounds).

In the beginning of the video the calls of Klaara and the more masculine “approval” from male Klaus - when his beak is free from the food – can be clearly seen and heard. If the web camera is open in the background we can often have an idea in advance of the doings of the tawny owls.

Whom do the tawny owls hunt in early spring-winter when migrating birds have not yet arrived in large numbers? When the weather is warmer just a few lonely frogs move around yet, and the water bodies are still ice-covered.

Basically they hunt meadow mice (Microtus)  and bank voles (Myodes); those small rodents are really numerous and occur widely. They are also active in the dark when the tawny owls are out hunting. There are 5 species of meadow mice in Estonia; we will not trouble you with them. If you notice a small rodent having been brought to the nest and it has a shortish tail then it should be a meadow mouse. Only one species of bank voles (Myodes) lives in Estonia; its tail length is about 5 centimetres. The weight of an adult bank vole is about 30 grams, and  body length less than 10 centimetres.

When spring progresses, the menu spectrum grows wider – there will be new stories then.

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