Why was the stork nest empty for a while?

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Screencap from webcam  Solo, LK forum

Estonian text posted 12.07.2019

At three o’clock the young storks, observing the doings of the ringers under the trees, decided to leave the nest


Black stork          Must-toonekurg       Ciconia nigra


The Eagle Club birdmen had planned a serious working day. In addition to ringing, both young storks would get ”backpacks” with radio transmitters.

VIDEO: Nightjar family busy in early morning

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Animation created by  Yitmoth, LK forum
Estonian text posted 04.07.2019

Male bird serves as single parent during daytime


Nightjar            Öösorr         Caprimulgus europaeus


The male has become a companion to the already three weeks old juveniles, or someone under whose wings they can hide their heads in rainy weather; there is no longer room for more. We did not actually expect to see the birds in action around the nest for such a long time. In any case an interesting experience.

How far away might the location selected by the female for laying a new clutch be?

VIDEO: Nightjar nest not easy to find

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Video recorded by  Fleur, LK forum
Estonian text posted 30.06.2019


It is ever more difficult to find the birds that blend so well with nature in the heath forest


Nightjar           Öösorr         Caprimulgus europaeus


Finding the birds that blend so well in nature  has become more difficult with the movable camera already since several days.

The male covers the juveniles during daytime and keeps busy with them. Where is the female?

Quite likely she lays a second clutch of eggs nearby. If  the camera operator finds the female in the vicinity there is reason to keep the camera here.

Screencap from web camera  Biker, LK forum

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