VIDEO: Egg in nest and how they went on

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Video recorded by  Urmas

Translation Liis


Estonian text posted 19.03.2018



White-tailed eagle      Merikotkas          Haliaeëtus albicilla


The female carrying out this year’s important event and the male encouraging her…

Today the eagle pair have taken turns to warm the egg in the nest.  In early evening a snowfall started but we have seen the birds incubating in a heap of snow in earlier years too.

Which bird is in the nest? By her dark eyes we recognize the female (really simple to distinguish them this year).

Deer antlers disappear on-line

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Text Tiit Hunt,

Translation Liis

Estonian text posted 14.03.2018

The red deer bulls, or stags,  shed their antlers in large amounts currently; a first solitary antler this year was found near the camera on February 20th.

Imprints of sleeping of many deer in the adjacent copse suggest that the 20-22 headed bull herd has not been very  mobile during the winter and mostly stayed near the feeding ground.
While during the previous winters-springs antlers were only sporadically shed on the ground  then now during the shedding period that has lasted two-three weeks exceptionally many have been shed here – up to now already antlers from at least six deer.



First egg in eagle nest!

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Screencap from nest camera Laranjeiras, LK forum

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Estonian text posted 18.03.2018

The egg is difficult to see but it is in the nest


White-tailedeagle      Merikotkas       Haliaeëtus albicilla


Late-winter frosty and clear weather, in addition a strong westerly wind – in the eagle nest about 6 degrees of frost might be felt. The female cannot keep the egg without cover for long. The night will not be frosty but for tomorrow sleet is foretold!

White-tailed eagle nest residents

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Text Urmas Sellis (EOÜ, Eagle Club)

Images from LK forum  members

Translation Liis

Estonian text posted 18.03.2018

Who then live in this nest? The answer might be – white-tailed eagles. But looking more precisely into the matter the nest owners are a white-tailed eagle pair. The one with the darker plumage and dark eyes is the female whom we met immediately after installing the camera (February 5th). According to the classical identification it might be said that the female is quite young (considering the eyes and the general colouring of the plumage). But the tail colouring points to a mature age. It is however not impossible that this bird has some kind of pigmentation deviation and the preponderance of dark colouring does not indicate youth? The female was suspicious towards the camera to start with and preferred rather to fly away from the foreign eye.