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Moss of the year - 2020. Pincushion moss

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Thu, 19.12.2019 - 17:04

Photo Arne Ader
Estonian text posted 16.12.2019

Valviku mättad Ruhnu metsas

Pincushion moss mounds in a forest in Ruhnu



Pincushion moss    Harilik valvik      Leucobryum glaucum


The pincushion moss is on the list of endangered species in the Estonian Red Book, incidentally it is the only Leucobryum species growing in Estonia. On the list for next year’s mosses  the moss friends had nine different candidates:

VIDEO: Young beaver living with humans

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 18.12.2019 - 09:47


In the video from Russia we see a young beavert, few months old, that people rescued from death and that now lives in the care of a woman. It is interesting to listen to the sound of the young beaver – very similar to a human baby. And it is interesting to note how similar the movements of the beaver are to those of human babies .

Posted by the Animal of the Year Team.
Estonian text 14.12.2019



All wolves are not skilled hunters

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Mon, 09.12.2019 - 12:33

On the day of getting his collar on May  2019 wolf  V080 was healthy and well nourished.

By the Team of the Animal of the Year,

Estonian text posted 07.12.2019


The life of wolves is not easy. As big predators they often hunt prey that is 5-10 times their own size: deer, elks, in certain areas also bisons. Even when there is plenty of prey in nature catching them is complicated and dangerous for a wolf. Starvation is in addition to injuries received during hunting and on being hunted by humans one of the largest death causes for wolves



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